I am utterly disappointed with the new VW Polo which was delivered to me. It was within a week of deliver that my engine light started to appear constantly. When I took it to the VW Service Center at Navi Mumbai, some genius engineer from the workshop says light is on as some rat must have bitten the wire. He did something which he was not able to explain and the light temporarily turned off. After a couple of days the light again turned on, and this time I had a tough word the the showroom in-charge. Later this lady says there is a problem with one of the parts and it needs to be replaced. Mind it guys all this is happening when my car had not even run 100 KM’s (yes that new). Even the car’s plastic and ribbons were still on the car.

Going back to the story, another week past by till the new part arrived and it was fit back, so by this time my car has visited the Service Center for the 4th time.

So the new part functioned a bit ok for a week or so, YAY…. Happy 1 month Anniversary …..but wait…. hey we are VW POLO BANG!!!!!!!!!!!, the engine light turned on again this morning….
Not only that, whenever I turn on the AC there is a small *hiss noise everytime my car goes into a pothole or running on an uneven road. now I seriously starting to regret buying this POLO…….

Did I get a new car with an old engine or is my car completely Faulty???????

I have to waste my time taking my car to and fro around the showroom..

I have been using different brands of cars over the past 2 decades but this is the first time any car has troubled me so much… that to a new one.

Car has currently run 1300 kms only and yet so many problems..
So many promises.. best is comfort and class the most expensive car of the segment. Car Serial No – MEXM15609GT061012

Shame on Volkswagen India

Makarand Borude
Vashi, Navi Mumbai 400703, Maharashtra
Email: mxxxxxxxxxxe@gmail.com / 04/03/2016 / 8:49 am

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