We are registering a complaint against FedEX India Mumbai, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA. My Consignment No. AWB 80621364228 has been held up at Mumbai customs since 16th August 2015.

My consignment was dispatched by FedEX on courier mode from China on Door to Door delivery basis. The Consignment values USD 80 & weighs around 35 kgs approx.

We received a phone call from FedEX Mumbai Custom Clearing Support Agent Mr.Fxxxxl Sxxxxxxh.( Mr.Fxxxxxxl Sxxxxxxh has been assigned to clear our consignment ). He told us that As Consignment is in Cargo Mode, we have to hire Non-FedEX Personal CHA Agent to clear our consignment. As we did not any Personal CHA Agent at the moment, Mr.Fxxxxxxl forwarded us a number of a External Clearing Agent. We contacted them and they quoted us around INR 35,000/- to clear this consignment. As our total value of consignment is USD 80 ( INR 5,000/- ) & in courier mode & for personal consumption.
Therefore, The penalty & fines mentioned in Quotation were not implied on us.

Cargo mode is implied on the consignment which weighs more than 61 kgs & values over INR 1,00,000/- ( One Lakh Rupees. )
IEC Certificate submission is exempted for the goods of personal consumption. This information was given by FedEX Customer Representative & other reliable sources who are handling Import-Export business since 45 years.

When we contacted Mr.Fxxxxxl Sxxxxxxh, to update about the consignment & told him that our consignment is in courier mode, he denies it & says it is in Cargo mode. After that, he stopped receiving our calls. So we contacted FedEX toll free number & ask them to inform Mr.Fxxxxxxl to contact us on urgent basis. But he did not bother to contact us by any means.

Then we tried reaching him on his direct line on daily basis. He did not answered our calls. So we contacted FedEX toll-free & mailed them at india@fedex.com on regular basis. Even our China supplier contacted FedEX INDIA & Mr.Fxxxxxxl Sxxxxxxxh via email asking them to release the material & delivery at our door-step.
After many emails & toll-free calls, Mr.Fxxxxxl called us saying that Our Consignment was booked under courier mode but FedEX mistakenly transfer the goods to Cargo Mode & They can not clear our consignment without giving any concrete explanation.

Then we asked Mr.Fxxxxl Sxxxxxxxh to submit a letter from FedEX to Airport Customs mentioning the case & clear our consignment. We are still awaiting for his reply.

This is a clear case of mishandling of our consignment & FedEX has blundered & want us to pay Penalty & Fine which we are not responsible for. Mr.Fxxxxxl Sxxxxxxh has been clearly misguiding us since beginning & handling the case with zero responsibility.
Despite repetitive request. He did not even mailed us the details of the fine & penalty which he said that will be imposed on us. As we have already paid USD 334 for door delivery. This is not we expected. This should be a hassle-free delivery.

If our consignment goes into abandoned goods, we will be not responsible & FeDEX will release our material with all legal, documents & penalty faced, cleared & paid by FeDEX INDIA. Any damages to our consignment will be compensated by FeDEX INDIA.
Besides mental harassment has occurred in all this situation.

Jyoti Sawant
Sukhada apt., Near gurudwara, Chanod, Vapi 396195, Gujarat
Email: jyoti.vichare24[@gmail.com / 04/09/2015 / 2:02 pm

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  1. i am also facing the same problem with Mr faizal shaikh from fedex. he has made me dance around like a mad person. my goods are also coming from china by cargo mode as it weighs 90kg and worth more than 1Lac. i have the IEC certificate and bank proof of money transfer even after making so many call to fedex i have not gotten my parcel even after 35 days now.

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