I have shipped 2 packages from FedEx Thipasandra branch, Bangaluru. The tracking number is 806846603731. The total amount I paid was INR 8366. I was given an AWBtracking sheet and on the payment section they mentioned the amount(without any tax details). I asked them for an invoice but they said that they only provide AWB and no other invoice. I had to claim this amount from my company so I submitted the AWB but it was not accepted as a valid invoice. I than checked with FedEx customer care if they can provide me an invoice. To my surprise they provide me an invoice for INR 4463 related to my tracking ID. I told them the whole story that I paid 8366 and want an invoice for that. They investigated for a month and finally gave me a conclusion on phone that the invoice for INR 4463 was wrongly generated. It should not have been generated as I am not having an account with FedEx. An invoice is only generated for FedEx account holder and not for cash customer. I asked them to mention the same thing(actual amount I paid and that they do not provide invoice to cash customer) in a FedEx Letter head but they refused. I asked them to atleast mention the same in an email but did not get any response. I am not sure how to get the proper invoice for the total amount I paid. I know FedEx Thipasandra branch played with my money. Actual invoice was generated for INR 4463 only but they took INR 8366 from me. In FedEx records it is 4463 only but they are just giving me false excuses. I am unable to reimburse the amount from my company as it will show 4463 when the Auditor will cross check the amount with FedEx. Any help or suggestion will be appreciated.

Kishore Deka
Guwahati 781171, Assam
Email: kxxxxxxxxa@gmail.com / 04/08/2016 / 10:33 pm

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