If i had to describe my last/latest experience with flipkart, the word bad would be an understatement. I ordered a lenovo k3 note (order no. : OD203320331713062800) on july 8th,2015, during the flash sale that started at 3:00 pm. my purchase was confirmed by the seller and the payment was confirmed, after which i opted for the one day express delivery for Rs. 90.

In themorning of 9th july 2015, i recieved the 4g sim card that came as a promotional offer from the sellers end. but after satying the whole day at home, putting my office and work on hold, after being told by the flipkart executives to wait till 9 pm and my product will be delivered twice during the day, when i called the customer care to check why the order is still under processing and when will i receive it.

A little before 9 all i received was a message and a mail saying that my order has been cancelled and the money will be reverted to my account, which happened. I received the whole amount of 9999 for product and 90 for the express delivery charge, but i never wanted the money back and i didn’t cancelled the order.

So i called customer care and i was told it was cancelled from the seller’s end and there was no information on the reason. the executive said that it could be because of non availability of stock and i can try for another flash sale to happen on 15th july.

My question is, if there was stock issue, then why it was approved in the first case, by the seller. the transaction should not have gone through at all. and why it took a whole day to tell me that it was cancelled, why was i then sent the promotional 4g airtel sim card by the seller.

Why is it that i haven’t been told the same day that i would not receive my order, when i placed it. causing me to waste my energy and time the next day and the inconvenience and loss of work that i had incurred.

All i care for is to get the product, which i don’t believe would be furnished by flipkart or the seller WS Retail.

kindly do the needful so that such inconvenience is not faced again by me or any other customer.

Shashi Ranjan
H.No.253, Sector-4, Rohtak 124001, Haryana
Email: shashiranjan.id@gmail.com / 10/07/2015 / 9:25 am

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