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Fraud and delay in building house for last two years

This is a very important messege on a very serious issue in Bokaro city, and I can very well guess that all of you and your offices are totally aware of the misconducts and irresponsible behaviours of so called builders in the city. Today via this messege I would like to drag your and government’s attention towards a very crucial problem which is very small if individually seen but gigantic as a whole, and is a very big hindrance in development and social satisfaction.

Whole india is shining and today we are looking forward for hightech, smart and green cities, the model of Singapore China and Hongkong but its sad that in small cities like Bokaro, Dhanbad etc the so called builders are doing nothing but making fool of customers and the old retired personels whome you care alot. My family is also a victim of such a builder in Bokaro.

More than half of the payment is done ie, 22 lakhs from our side but building is not even half complete, and we are getting no support or communication with the so called builder’s company.
They do the bookings and after payment they just pass day by day and like wise years. In bokaro 80% of the population is employed at bokaro steel plant. And after retirement they want to settle down in bokaro only so looking at this situation these builders by ads and other means attract people and then they just behave like we have done any mistake. I have seen many old parents even crying at their office because of delays in the building projects. There are even complaints of delay in the documentation and paper work too. Being a victim I and my family sometimes doest sleep for whole night in tension that JINDAGI BHAR KI KAMAYI LAG GAYI AUR DO SAAL SE JYADA HOGAYE GHAR APNA GHAR NASEEB NAI HUA. We are living in constant pressure that our blood earned money will be gone.

Sir these kind of situations are potential reasons for someone mazbur to commit suicide in tension. With everyday tension and tyrrany, its very tough to see your parents crying for no reason. If something bad happens in my family because of this seriously I would have to take some solid step and only these builders will be totally responsible for that. I beg pardon for my language but on the basis of that atleast you can have the actual idea of the situation at ground level. Whole situation cant be written here but seriously there is a lot of tension on ground here. I am a media person so trying my strength of pen and paper to fight against it.

They told us to make building in almost 1 year but its 2 years and my building isnt complete yet. People say us to file a complaint against them but a common man has alot of fears in doing such complaints. We cant do anything but wait for their rahamo karam..its sort of rangdaari only..Trust me this is very serious issue in overall developement of a city. All courts consumer courts are mere buildings for them. There are already large no. Of cases filed against them and trust me they dont even fear of such institutions of government. Once I tried to warn them about consumer court then he was like its useless institution he has no fear of law and order.

Enough writing please this is a serious issue here. Please dont ignore this issue. I know there are lot more issues to be taken care of but tackling every small issue will only give a wider and bigger result on the district level. Please let me know what could be done on this or if ministry or government has any kind of tool to tackle or atleast negatively promote this issue. Or just act as an amplifier for my raised voice. I seek a change, we the people seek a change. I could have filled a complaints or shown the papers to concerned authorities but my old Mom and Dad are afraid of them and in this old stage of life they dont want to get indulged in such a serious problem. We are already stucked in a big weired mess. Hope you all dignitaries get the idea of a common man who has to think alot before complaining of filling an FIR. I guess thousands of complaints get supressed like this. Still people are not confident on law. Its a curse in Indian Democracy.

Please suggest me some way to get out of this situation.

sujeet kumar
sector 8a qr no. 1395 bokaro 827009, Jharkhand
Email: sujeet.kumarleo]@gmail.com / 25/09/2015 / 1:53 am

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