Fraud Iphone 6 sales on OLX

I had seen a ad on OLX for iPhone 6. The fraud person he is telling like he is from Indian army working in Jaisalmer Rajasthan.. offering 14000 and I have done the deal for rupees 12000 and he told me pay of half the amount I mean 6000 in paytm than I’ll send your mobile..than I agreed with that after next day one person called he is from Indian army courier I have came to deliver your mobile you have remaining amount of 6000 you should pay and confirm than I’ll give you…than I did paytm of Remaining 6000 and after all that he is asking still 4000 because it is service charge and COD charge and security deposit still I agreed for this and I did paytm of 4000 than he is asking still 1500 for his overnight charge so I agreed and I did paytm of 1500 after all he is asking still 2000 like this … I have frauded of 17500 rupees either I’m not getting my money or mobile..sir pls help me with this issue.

Manjunath Rmk
GOTTIGERE, Bangalore 560083, Karnataka

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