Fraud sales over instagram page Original Mobile Hub

There was a page named The Original Mobile Hub and they told thay they are selling new mobile from flipkart and amazon at 50% off so I said that ok i will buy but want cod so they said ok talk me after 5th april but yesterday they put a story in which there was written last day offer I messaged them and then they said after 5 u will only get 25% discount and if u order today you just have to pay 1750 and rest after the delivery. I asked for some proofs so he sent me some proof which are attached below and then i paid them 1750 on paytm on the mobile number- 7xxxxx5 and yesterday at night they changed their page name to indian mobile adda. Now they have deleted the whole conversation which i had with them and I have the screenshots but i am not able to attach it.

Harsh Kapoor
Birhana road, Kanpur 208001, Uttar Pradesh

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