I am holding SBI Card No: 4377 xxxx xxxx xxx4 for more than a decade and there was no delay on my part during this period in payment to the card.

On 27th August 2014, I received a call on my mobile (Mobile no. 9xxxxxxxx1) from SBI Card office and the caller told me that the reward points to the tune of 4500 are being converted to cash and the same will be credited to my card account. Similar offer was made by SBI Card couple of years ago about conversion of reward points and I was given a Pen Drive as gift in lieu of reward points. As this offer is very much similar to the earlier one, I believed in the caller. For this purpose, the caller asked me to give the details of CVV number and other details like OTP to confirm that I am the real card holder. As soon as I gave the details, to my horror, I got a message from VM- SBICRD saying that an amount of Rs 4950/- is made at AIRTEL PYMTBILLDESK and the same is debited to my card.

On 28th August 2014, I received a message from SBI Card that an amount of Rs 4950/- is being debited and if the transaction is not performed by me, I need to report the matter to SBI Card.

On 29th August 2014, I have mailed to SBI Card saying that I have not made any transaction with AIRTEL
PYMTBILLDESK as above and the same may be looked into. There was no reply from SBI Card for one month. As I had an outstanding balance of Rs 1525.34 payable before 14th September 2014, I paid the amount in full before the due date. On 14th October 2014, I received a message on my mobile that I need to pay Rs 5792.03 towards September bill and 15th October 2014, is the last date for payment. I was aghast and sent mail to SBI Card saying that I had not made any transaction with AIRTEL PYMTBILLDESK and the same has already been communicated to SBI Card. As such, I do not owe any money to SBI Card. The transaction of Rs 4950/- is a fraudulent transaction and the same may be verified. As I was frustrated, I had cut the card into two pieces and dropped it in the designated box on 14th October 2014.

Subsequently, there were many calls from SBI Card, some of them irritating which started as early as 8 AM. Many mails were also exchanged. My attempt to impress upon SBI Card to trace the beneficiary has been rejected by SBI Card. They have not made any attempt to find the fraudster but continue to maintain that the transaction is valid and the responsibility fully rests with the customer. They continue to send bills every month adding penalty, financial charges etc., and the same is getting compounded every month. As per them, the customer has no option whatsoever. I went personally to SBI Card, Hyderabad office on 27th April, 2015 to explain about the fraudulent nature of the transaction. There was no positive response from them.

I wrote a letter to the editor, Deccan Chronicle daily news paper who has been kind enough to publish the same on 4th April 2015. Subsequently, there was a call from Customer Service Head, SBI Card, Gurgaon, on 7th April, who after much discussion asked me to pay Rs 4950/-. I received another call on 8th April 2015 asking me to confirm whether I am paying Rs 4950/ or not. I refused to pay the amount. I have received another letter on 13th May. It contained many technical details of the transaction. I asked them the simple question: Whom did SBI Card pay this amount of Rs 4950? There was no answer but I received the bill for the month of May 2015, stating that I owe 10111.76. Every month, I am getting the
bill for this amount.

Following the publication of my letter in the newspaper, several people called me and complained that they too were the victims like me. I have list of people who have been cheated.

Raghava Chary
Progressive Colony, Manovikas Nagar, SECUNDERABAD 500009, Telangana
Email: srchary5150[@yahoo.co.in / 30/08/2015 / 8:14 pm

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  1. Thanks for sharing your details.We will get in touch with you soon to address your concern at the earliest. Although we would request you not to post your contact and card details publicly but mail us next time at sbicard_cares@sbicard.com.

  2. We have been trying to get in touch with you, but unable to do so. However, we have sent the communication with regard to the concern raised by you at your email id. Please call SBI Card helpline for any further assistance.

  3. Dear Mr.Raghava,

    Such things not a new with SBI credit cards, Rs.4950 transaction was done on my credit card prior to despatch from their Gurgoan office.

    Dispute form was sent followed by several e-mail to customer service head and CEO but not useful.

    SBI credit card department is known through their gurgaon operation and harassing consumers for making payment for transactions they have not done.


    Tejas Shah


    Tejas Shah

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