GATI happy to not provide committed service

I placed a request for a pickup of around 20kgs of luggage to be shipped from Madame Curie Hostel, Pondicherry University to BIT Mesra, Ranchi on September 15, 2018 through their website “”. My requested date of pick-up was Sept 18, 2018. I was told through an email that I’ll be contacted soon for a verification of my pick-up request which finally happened on the afternoon (around 3PM) of Sept 18 when I was contacted by the Gati call center enquiring about the type, quantity, valuation of the luggage to be couriered. I was told that my pick-up has been scheduled for the following day (September 19, 2018) between 2-6PM and that I should keep my luggage packed and ready for shipment since Gati will not shoulder the responsibility of packing the items. Hence, I spent the entire day arranging for cartons and packing my luggage into four cartons. I called the Gati courier service call center twice on September 19 to ensure that my pick-up positively happens that day since I was about to leave Pondicherry the next day (September 20, 2018), afternoon. This time, I was told that my reference number is 18039433. I was contacted by their call-center once in the afternoon of September 19, confirming the impending pick-up. I was finally contacted by the Gati pick-up person at around 5PM enquiring about my location when I learnt that the pick-up person has been told that my location was the JIPMER campus, instead of my actual location which was Pondicherry University. He gave me the contact number of the person in charge of pick-up in the Pondicherry University area, asking me to contact him instead. When I finally called him at around 5:15PM, the person outrightly told me that the Pondicherry University area is not serviceable by them. On asking him the reason for my pick-up request being initially approved by the Gati team , he arrogantly washed his hands off the matter saying that it was not him who had accepted the request and, hence, I better take up the matter with the Gati people, instead of bothering him. Hence, I was left all anxious, fending for a new movers and packers service at 5:30PM on the night before leaving Pondicherry. Today (September 28, 2018), a week after leaving Pondicherry, I received a call from the Gati call center enquiring about the pick-up. When I told them that I was told by their pick-up person that the area was not serviceable by their team , the call center person was only happy to cancel the pick-up request without bothering to know how I ultimately managed to get my items shipped.

Jayasree Mukherjee
Ranchi 835215, Jharkhand

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