This is regarding the above mentioned subject, about which I wish to submit following facts-

1. That my wife gifted me LG D821 32 GB Black Black mobile on our 25th Wedding Anniversary which she purchased from an authorized dealer ” Ganpati Mobiles” G-5-8, Sriram Tower, Ashok Marg, Lucknow on 19/11/20149 Cash memo enclosed) for Rs. 30,000/-. The mobile was working perfectly till 18th Feb. 2015 when on Sunday it suddenly stopped showing network. I thought that may be there is some problem in BSNL network & so waited for it to correct in some time but the problem persisted. Then I thought that may be there is some problem in the sim I went to BSNL & requested them to provide me a new Micro sim. After installing the new sim I could make one call but then again there was no network. Now truly harressed I visited the mobile dealer shop & there also people tried to other sims but the problem could not be resolved. Then they suggested that I should go to LG customer care center which I did .

2. The person sitting on the service desk over there was also perplexed & said that it is for the first time he is seeing a mobile which is not displaying the EMIE no. of the set. He asked me to take back up of the data & then leave the mobile at LG service center as there was some major problem & it may take time.

3. I did as instructed & deposited the mobile at service center on 18th Feb. 2015. They called on 25th Feb. & said that they have changed the hardware & that now it is functioning. I also checked & could make only one call as the battery was discharged. I brought the mobile home & charged it but again it was not showing network. I called the service engineer ( Mr Dxxxxj) & informed him & he said to switch off the phone & put it on charging & if the problem still persists to bring it back to service center the next day. I followed instructions & next day called the service center & they said that as the service engineer is on leave to drop the mobile next day.

4.So I deposited the mobile back in LG service center on 27th Feb. 2015 & till date there is no information from them.

5.With this experience of working/ standard of LG/Google mobiles I have lost all faith in the brand & as I am Doctor & relaibilty of mobile is of utmost importance for me I do not wish to continue with the brand & request you to refund my money. I feel that even if it is repaired it may again give problems & once out of Warranty period they will also charge us for the services.

6. Please look into the matter & refund me my money with due compensation for causing me monitory as well as mental stress, not to add the distress my wife felt after purchasing this mobile for such an important & once in life time occasion. Hoping to hear soon from you with due & expected reddressal of my complaint. I have full faith in this prestigious organisation. Thank you.

H.No. 5/117, Vipul Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow 226010, Uttar Pradesh
Email: / 10/03/2015 / 5:01 pm

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