I am stating my utter dissatisfaction and disgust towards the unprofessional attitude of Uber drivers.

The incident goes as follows:

I, along with my wife, was to board a train from Visakhapatnam Railway Station, which takes around 25-30 Min from my residence at Sheelanagar (Visakhapatnam). The train was to depart at 3.20 PM.

Being a Sunday, I anticipated that there may be a rush for taxi bookings, Hence I started to look for a taxi and booked a Uber cab at 02.05 PM. Incidentally the driver’s location was around 8-10 KM away from my location. 5 Minutes after the booking, the driver called and stated that since he is far away, he would start the trip from his current location, which means that I would have to shell out an additional Rs 60-70. I asked if that is the company policy, the driver replies “This is the rate..accept it or cancel the trip..”. I cancelled the trip and started to search for the next taxi.

Fortunately the next driver was at a distance of around 5 KM from my residence. I booked the taxi immediately. Since I was running short of time I was tracking the movement of the driver. The driver came very close to my location, and called me. I informed him my exact location with landmark. However the driver was unable to locate me. So I asked him to wait at a landmark (Sheelanagar Church), and I rushed in my motorcycle to the point. To my utter surprise, the trip had been cancelled by the driver without any information. Upon calling the driver, I was told lame stories and he coldly replied that the trip has been cancelled. I asked as to how can he cancel the trip without my permission. I also pleaded that I am to reach the railway station urgently, but the driver simply cut the call and did not receive my calls.

The time was around 2.45 PM. There was no auto or taxi nearby. I went to the main road to get an auto. After searching for around 10 minutes, I got an auto. He agreed to come to my residence, however I could reach the station only at 3.30 PM. By the time I reached the platform I had missed the train.

I have attached the screenshots of both the trip details for your information and necessary action.

From the above incident, I have understood that in no circumstances can Uber drivers or Uber services be trusted. I have learnt the lesson the hard way.

I demand immediate response from Uber management about the above 2 trips, and what is Uber doing to avoid the repetition of the above incidents in future. The root cause being (1) Drivers charging for the trip from their originating point and not the passenger’s origin point and (2) Drivers cancelling the trip without any intimation and information to passengers.

No amount of apologies will make up for the strain, frustration and tension that we faced for this. However I demand immediate compensation for the loss of my train ticket fare and also due to which I was forced to book a bus the same night (Fare Rs 1200 X2). Needless to say that I had missed the event at my native town, which was actually the purpose of my visit.

I demand immediate response from Uber management team.

The Uber Team has subsequently replied via email, but no compensation has been provided even after repeated reminders.

Anubhav Das
Sheelanagar, Visakhapatnam 530012, Andhra Pradesh
Email: axxxxxxxxxxe@gmail.com / 02/03/2016 / 3:28 pm

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