GST tax not reflected in the invoice

I made the purchased from PUMA EBO’s from Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur dated 10.09.12 amount to Rs.3499/- but the GST break up in the invoice no.684 provided by the company, didn’t state the fully break up CGST , it’s reflects as Rs.0 in that column. As per the norms, the purchase above Rs.1000 , GST should be 12% ie, 6% each in CGST and SGST.
There is some manipulation in the invoice generation.

I called THE SM of the store but didn’t received any satisfactory answer. Need to file the complain against the company for not paying the tax as per the invoice.

Vikas Singhania
Chitrakoot Yojana, Jaipur 302021, Rajasthan

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