My handset was first picked up on 19-03-2016 (approx. 6 months back), for repairing the broken display screen. I paid the access amount as asked, as per damage claim policy. But on receiving the handset, I came to know that the phone’s speaker stopped working and had an issue of some internal noise (wiring background noise). Therefore, it was requested for re-pickup around mid of May 2016. I again paid the access amount as per the damage claim policy (attached email thread). Have called customer care some 10 times after that, they say your case has been ESCALATED, and that I will get a response within 48 hours. I wait for 48 hours, then again I repeat the process.
I guess I was believing their trap under the name of ‘case escaltion’.

There has been absolutely no response from oneAssist regarding any update on service of my phone.

Once I was told that I will be getting my phone back on 4Aug-5Aug 2016. Nothing happened. Once customer care executive told me I will be getting the second excess amount refunded back to my account because I am supposed to pay only once, there has been some mistake from their end.
Please let me know when exactly can I get my phone? Need my phone as soon as possible now, it has been 6 months in total under the whole frustrating process.
I expect that phone will be properly tested before being delivered this time, I cannot imagine to go through the whole process (another 3 months) again looking at the service response

shm maheshwari
Hsr layout, Bangalore 560076, Karnataka
Email: / 06/09/2016 / 3:14 pm

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