Harassment and blackmailing by buyer

This might sound a bit different and rare, but the thing is I’m a seller on OLX. Recently, I uploaded an ad for the sale of my PS4, which I brought back in 2015. I had the bill, warranty card and the concerned instruction manual for the product. The ad was posted from Shimla. So soon I got a message from an interested buyer, who was from Gurdaspur. He asked a few questions about the product and settled on a price of 15000. He paid in advance and in return asked me for my ID proof, which I sent him through WhatsApp. Anyhow, he paid the said amount and I shipped the courier the next day. He received the game after 4-5 days. Also, before I shipped the courier, I made a video of the playstation system WORKING. when he received it, he said that the box was intact and there were no signs of physical damage. Besides, its was my personal PS4 and I used it solely. I live with my parents and even they’re witnesses that it WORKED. Now the buyer has damaged it and is harassing me that I’ve sent him a defective piece and he’s called me a cheater, fraudster etc etc multiple times over and over. Also I gave him a sincere advice to show it to the nearest Sony Centre which he refuses multiple times. Also I sent the console in a working condition and now it’s a loss for me to take it back. Also, if he was that worried, he should’ve tested it before buying it. Also he’s been threatening me with court threats and all. So my question is, should I be really concerned and what should be my future steps?

Arjun Mankotia
Shimla 171009, Himachal Pradesh
Email: kxxxxxxxxxl@gmail.com

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