I applied and received HDFC credit card in 2007, i had opted for an auto debit facility from my HDFC salary account while working with HDFC Standard Life Insurance in Ahmedabad in the mean while there was not a sufficient balance and i was called from the ack for a recovery of mim amount i said them to come and collect it from my residence meanwhile i deposited around 7000 Rs in my same account for an some another ECS of icici to fall on 10th of every month, but the ECS was returned when i checked my available balance it showed that HDFC has deducted arounr 2000 Rs, now this disturbed all my finalcial transactions with banks. since then i finally said to close my credit card account at one go, and also to hand me a bill of total overdue, which reached to a wooping amount including unnecessary charges. in spite of several reminders to their collection executives over for a waiver of charges and only after i will be able to pay used amount, else they will deduct it as thir unnecessary charges. i received a Notice in 2010 January from HDFC in which it was written to contact Mr. Mxxxxxxh Sxxxxxxa on 9xxxxxxxxxx9 and also to settle the amount of 58815 Rs, i then called the given number and was said to meet the collection team in Ahmedabd within 7 days, i then went to their HDFC Mithakhali branch office in Ahmedabad for a settlement request after a long discussion with a collection incharge in 2010, i awiated for the settlement case but that did not happended as they did not gave me the bill summary. today in 2015 i had to shift myself in Patna due to family reasons and got a corporate salary account with HDFC bank, then again i was called by the collection represenativ from Ahmedabad Drive In branch in June 2015, and again the communication was on the same line of settlement, i then ased them to give me a statement of my credit card account but they denied and said we cannot give you the same, now until unless i see to the charges levied on my card how could i pay as per thier saying, i gave my email id tanam2010@gmail.com to send my bill, in between they simply seized my amount of rs 49800 in 2nd Sep 2015. i am a salaried person with 2 kids ans surviving on salary this is a forceful act done by HDFC bank, i have my dad and mom suffering from desease and all family is depended on my salary, i am very tensed and worried of all my basic liablities to fulfill, this cause may take my life and completely the resonsibility will be of HDFC bank. I want my money back and then will settle the credit card case

Amit Verma
Sanidhya Township, Maneja, Vadodara 390013, Gujarat
Email: tanam2010[@gmail.com / 05/09/2015 / 12:54 pm

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  1. Dear Customer,

    I would request you to write to talktous@hdfcbank.com along with your card details, contact details and your issue details. Please mention Ref ID: TTU070915-04 in the subject line for me to track your mail and assist you better.

    HDFC Bank Customer Assistance

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