With Reference to the airway # 9181468833, i have imported a used iPhone 6.

I have used many freight forwarding/shipment services, however initially i found this ShopandShip.com was economy hence i used this service on a regular basis. Recent days service of this company has become so bad and responsive they consider charging you as duty amount for anything and everything which is totally irrelevant.

Recently i have purchased an iPhone through eBay.com for $350 for which i have Paypal and eBay payment details. I used shopandShip.com to ship this item to India. From here everything started.

When they initiated this shipping for the 2nd day which was still in the USA warehouse, they updated duty amount as 8k in their website which made me clueless (which is way too high), on what basis this was charged because the item was still in USA. since I wanted to clarify this, I sent out an email to (Sxxxxa and Axxxxxxxa) support team with all the details and calculations that why they have charged this much amount of duty as it was supposed to be less.

A day later I got a response from them saying it was calculated on the cost of $550 which is totally irrelevant as there seems to be no bill in the parcel. However nobody bothered to ask a copy invoice, ShopandShip.com themselves has assumed an amount and charged me the duty. When this was asked, they asked me collect the shipment by paying the duty amount then they will sort this out.

Later while I was collecting the shipment/ parcel, parcel pouch was turn out. Due to this I couldn’t find the invoice or anything part from a cell phone which was damaged. The phone has many dings on it across the body of the phone and there is a clear 2 scratches on the screen. When this was informed with prof, they said they will ask for a insurance claim.

Today they came back saying insurance claim was rejected dint even provided claim ID . This is very disappointing I need someone responsible should answer me with the proper solution. Because in the name of custom/duty companies have charged me duty of 300Rs for 70Rs product bumper.

They never solve any ones concerns or issue, they know only charging unnecessary fees even after having some 30 to 40 email conversations.

Akshay Hegde
Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore 560098, Karnataka
Email: akshayhegde01]@gmail.com / 15/09/2015 / 5:59 pm

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