We live in urban estate, phagwara, punjab. We are consumer of electricity from PSPCL, punjab. Our consumer number is: J54UE560706H. My contract account number is: 3001027208. Our overall consumption is approx 400-600 units for two months . But for the last two billing cycles, we our bill amount is 25285 and 28353 respectively. Before this, our bill was 3000/- to 4000/- and we paid all the bills. But the PSPCL is sending us this kind of bills. We talked about this to the RA and SDO of phagwara, punjab branch. They are compelling us to pay the same amount. Now we don’t have any option apart from filing the complaint against them. Kindly take care of this issue as these kind of issues are common in Phagwara electricity branch. I am attaching the last 3 electricty bills. The units consumption for this month is the actual reading which is 301 units for 42 days. But I dont know why they are charging us 28353/- to us. In the bill of last bill cycle, the bill says we have consumed 3000 units which is totally false. I don’t what is going on. Kindly show your concern to this issue. Thank you.

Sanjeev Kumar
Phagwara 144401, Punjab
Email: sxxxxxxxxxxxxxr@gmail.com / 06/01/2016 / 10:00 pm

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