We are traveling from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. This is a hotel where all buses stop for refreshments called Hotel Shama owner bht Mr. Ixxxxr (full name was not provided by the staff in asking). This is located 15km from Bharuch city between Bharuch and Palej. Image is attached for the reference.

They charge extra money on all the items above the MRP. I bought multiple food items, cold drinks etc. and I was charged RS 5 to 10 per item extra. For example he is selling the packet of Lays (MRP RS 20) at RS 25 and Minute maid pulp orange(MRP RS 30) at RS 40.

On asking the staff he said he was instructed by the Seth (the owner) to charge extra and he can’t do anything. Imagine hundreds of travellers visit their hotel and they are charging extra unaccounted money on each item. This sums up to a big amount of unaccounted black money and also adds in to the discomfort of the daily travellers.

This is a case of direct and open fraud and they do not fear authorities for any kind of action. I request that a swift and strict action should be taken against them and the other vendors doing the same soon.

Eepsit Tiwari
Simkheda, Gandhinagar 382355, Gujarat
Email: txxxxxxxxxxxt@gmail.com / 20/11/2016 / 9:12 am

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