House of Pizza charging double the MRP for cold drinks

On 23/11/14 sunday, we four people had a dinner at house of pizza, Commerce six roads, ahmedabad. we were charged double the max retail price on bottle of 200ml coke by the restaurant authorities.
also additional service tax was laid on this price in the bill. on questioning the manager that on which basis they were charging such rates, he gave an abrupt answer telling as they were hotel owners, they could charge anything or sell soft-drink bottles at any rates. Also, they forced us to pay the additional amount in bill which was certainly double the max retail price of soft-drink price.
humble request to go through the matter and take strict and legal actions against the hotel owners and save the common men for vigorous charges forced by hotels and restaurants. thank you.

Kaumil Adani
Room no. 31, ssjc hostel, swastik cross road, navrangpura, ahmedabad- 380009, gujarat
Email: / 24/11/2014 / 6:37 pm

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