The common problem that most of the new JIO SIM subscribers face now is activation delay. Many customers have been complaining non-activation even after weeks and there is no response or assistance from the customer care.

This article is written after the writer got his SIM activated in 12 hours. To be precise, the writer found out that his SIM is active but there was no intimation from JIO regarding activation and there was no televerification done by JIO.

This article may, repeat may, help those who have got their SIM after eKYC document verification. The writer gives below the steps followed by him to find that the SIM was already activated.

1. I Tried to do a quick recharge by entering the JIO number on the evening after getting the SIM. The recharge page threw up error “invalid mobile number”.

2. Next day morning again I tried to do quick recharge by entering the JIO number. This time the recharge page accepted the number for recharge. This is an indication that the new JIO number has been validated and registered in their records.

3. Following 2 above, I inserted the SIM in the mobile phone slot 1 which is 4G compatible. I could see JIO 4G signal bar.

4. Next few hours I tried to call the toll free number number to activate but met with failure in every attempt.

5. I called 1800-890-1977 to activate data only and was surprised to find that the televerification is already done.

6. Eventhough the televerification was over my SIM was still not recognised by JIO network and as a result I could not use JIO 4G data network, log into my account and other Apps.

7. After few failures to contact customer care (which never worked) I restored the APN settings for JIO to default settings jionet. You can also create a new APN Jionet and save it.

8. BINGO! Net started working and everything fell in place. Received welcome message on my JIO new number, all the Apps opened up automatically.

Performance results:

1. Unable to add email to the JIO account as emails from MyJIO app is not getting delivered to my Gmail id.

2. Though the preview offer shows Unlimited data, voice and video, My Plan under JIO App Data Limit as 2 GB, SMS 100, Voice and Video 100 mins.

3. The speed is not good when compared to Vodafone. Below is a screenshot of Speedtest. As it can be seen, Vodafone Speed was 3 times the JIO speed. In fact, Vodafone speed is even better than Airtel’s.



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  1. No msg to my alternate number so how can i know my JIO sim number..How can i recharge?? Still i put Jio sim in SIM 1 port but no Signal. I tried to reach to customre support but as you said no response from customer care by mail or phone.

    Now tell wht to do now? I tried all the process

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