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I had given my phone for repairs to the service center on 09/10/2014. I repeatedly kept calling on the service center to know the progress. Each time I called, there was no definite answer.

They finally responded on 03/11/2014. They informed me that my phone had been discontinued. Hence it was not possible to repair or replace the phone. They suggested that I settle the issue by paying Rs. 843 for which they would provide me with a phone slightly better in features. This was somewhat acceptable but the warranty provided was not acceptable.

There were many phone calls with the employees of the service center but no solution was obtained. I have sent many emails to them but I received replies twice just acknowledging that i have sent emails. I was tired, so i finally decided that I will pay and bury the hatchet.

But, when I went to collect it today, they said that it would come under a warranty of only about the time they have taken to replace the phone from 09/10/2014. That converts to around 43 days from today. They verbally assured me that the item would be a sealed packaged item but it was not so. And no accessories were included. Just the phone without even a box. Not even the battery they provide will not be under warranty of any sort/time.

So if they were to dispose off any refurbished/faulty item to me, I would be left with no choice but to face whatever problems it had. Since 43 days warranty is not detrimental, I will be stuck. And the battery, they can give me anything they want since it has no warranty.

AS far as I know from the Consumer Protection Act, When an item has to be replaced, same warranty has to provided as the original item.

Kaustabh Sen
2G, Kartick Bose Lane, Kolkata- 700006, West Bengal
Email: kaustabhsen@gmail.com / 27/11/2014 / 11:40 pm

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    • Kaustabh Sen on 18/12/2014 at 1:49 pm

    Two months of futile attempts to resolve this issue with IBALL failed. IBALL responded properly, only after ICF had made and intervention. IBALL has provided me a brand new and sealed mobile phone free of cost. ICF is very effective and their support is non conditional. They are doing a great job of helping consumers like us. I would like to thank them for helping me obtain such satisfactory results.

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