I, Saira Khan was holding an ICICI Credit Card # 4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1. I got a call from the ICICI Customer care executive in 2011 that my outstanding on this card can be converted to interest free emi and i agreed to it. But he didnot tell me that that this will block my card and alloted a new card number # 94xxxxxxxxxx4 ( it was on system and no physical card was issued with this number ).
Then finally i asked for the settlement and on 13.01.2012 I got a settlement letter from them and paid Rs. 13500 as agreed.
I followed up for NOC for quiet a number of times but nothing received.
But even after the settlement they are showing an outstanding of Rs. 8192 and every month I am getting reminders and harassing calls on almost daily basis .
Even after complaining to ICICI directly and discussing many times with their executives who call for payment nothing worked out.
I seriously want to now take a strict action against them as they are doing fraud in one way as after settlement also they want us to pay Rs. 8192.00 Please help me out on this.

saira khan
New Delhi 110020
Email: ixxxxxxxxxxxx9@gmail.com / 29/06/2016 / 11:50 am

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