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I had IDEA connection which stopped working on 8-9-2015, so I raised complain to make it work and resolution time for it is 48 hours. But in my case IDEA people didnt come to resolve in 48 hours, So I raised complain again and like that I raised 14 compain to make my internet work but there is no reponse from IDEA to resolve it.

So finally I asked them to deactivate my account on 12-9-2015. When I registered for for deactivating account IDEA people told me that they will deactive my account till 17-9-2015 and revert my advance paid money back to my account.

But at 14-9-2015 when I requested for status of deactivation they told me that deactivation only happen at 1-10-2015 and they are not going to revert my money back eventhough I requested for deactivation and I am not using account since 8-9-2015.

So I like that consumerfourum look this and take legal action again idea for bad service and for providing wrong detail.

Pranay Rana
Rohit Pavalion, Kalewadi-rahtani link road, Pune 411017, Maharashtra
Email: pranayamr] / 15/09/2015 / 12:00 am

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    • Neha W on 12/10/2015 at 11:22 am


    i am also facing the same issue. I got the idea connection but its signals were not proper in the first month. I did a compaint & the engineer told me that I should disconnect the service as their is some problem & i will never get the signals in my building. due to some other building coming in its way.

    I paid for 3 months in advance hence thought that let me try to c heck during 3 months if I am still facing the issue again. It never worked for me. I raised a complaint to terminate my service & close my connection before finishing 3 months but IDEA broadbank is still sending me bills since 2 months are not disconnecting the service. I already paid for 3 months for no service at all. now they want me to pay even when I am using other broadbank already.

    no idea what to do ūüôĀ

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