IFB washing machine not closing, no prompt support

Since the last 3 months, our ifb washing machine door is not Closing and hence cannot be used. For this we had complained to the shop we purchased, reliance trends in police bazaar, Shillong, since we bought it from there. A personell was sent by them,who opened the door and took away some part stating that the part needs to be changed. There after we made multiple calls to the person as well as contacted the reliance trends shop. They started giving time, next week,next week. Finally we complained to the ifb complaint number provided in website. The ticket number is 1000490816. Following this another person was sent by the ifb company. This person said he will talk to reliance trends. It has been around 1 month. Repeated calls to the person has been made since. Evertime he says some part of the machine will come from company, only then he can fix it.

Shibani Das
Shillong 793001, Meghalaya
Email: dxxxxxxxxxx5@gmail.com

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