I purchased two trousers from Brand Factory , Gopala Arch Mall, Bangalore. Brand Factory is a leading retail clothing store.

They were running a sale of 50% off upon buying two trousers. So based on that I picked up two trousers. The MRP on the trousers were Rs.1799 and Rs.1699 respectively.
The total comes up to 899.5 + 849.5 = Rs. 1749
All good so far.
Me expecting to pay Rs1749, took out money , only to see that Brand Factory has added additional VAT on top of this. MRP tag is already inclusive of VAT and any other taxes.
But Brand Factory charged me Rs 1845.19, due to additional tax.
Upon arguing with the store manager, he said he couldnt do anything as this was system generated bill and asked me to complaint to higher ups.
He didnt even provide details of those higher ups.
This is clearly a systematic fraud that Brand Factory is doing.

So I posted the details on their Facebook page messenger. Its been more than a month and there is no response.

I have attached a picture of the bill as well which shows the same details.

Prashanth Pachatu
Bangalore 560060, Karnataka
Email: pxxxxxxxxxxxx7@gmail.com / 18/06/2016 / 7:29 pm

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