As per the advice of Dr.xxxxx xxxxxxx, Gynaecologist i have undergone ultrasound scanning in my stomach during my 20th and 23rd week of my pregnancy at xxxx xxxxxxxx, Anantapur.

I had given birth to a baby boy on 22.05.2015 and the baby was born with a birth defect called trachea eosophageal fistula or eosophageal atresia which means improper connection of mouth and stomach. As per my consultation with family gynaecologists and study this problem can be identified in the 5th month or 20th week of pregnancy with ultrasound tiffa scan which i had paid and got it done for. In this cases since amniotic fluid does not enter stomach due to blockage stomach will not be visible during scan. But both my scanning reports show that stomach is visible normal. The Ulatrasound tiffa is done to identify such abnormalities but due to improper and negligent scanning we had to suffer our life. Our baby has undergone surgery on 1 st itself at Rainbow Hospitals and it costed me more than Rs.10 lakhs and the baby has to be taken care forever. The surgery has lot of side effects also and all this is because of negligence on the part of Diagnostic center. I need compensation for their mistake and whatever we are suffering. I want the moeny back whatever i paid for surgery and scanning and compensation for the pain we took and should take.

State: Andhra Pradesh
Email: bbharu369[@] / 23/06/2015 / 11:03 am

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