I have ordered a cookware product of crystal vide order no. 977050137 for Rs.1838.00 to home shop18 on 16/09/2015 and accordingly received the product on 19/09/2015. Soon after opening the parcel I had informed homeshop18 that the product is defective and accordingly they had acknowledged me about the registration of my complain no. 141791077 via sms at 5.14PM on the same date.
They had assured me that they will provide me another set as per my order after taking back the defective one by their concern executive that which has been delivered. They took it back on 22/09/2015.

Now after a long time the Homeshop18 executives are calling me to inform that they do not have the product in stock any more so they want to refund me the amount. Again another one has intimated me that my address is no more in their service area. On the other had they had suggested me if I can collect the product from any other address which is within their service area. So, I had provided them an alternative address which is just the border of my locality (the difference is a concrete bridge between the two areas). That time they had accepted to despatch it to that address. Now yesterday again they had called me saying that I had to produce address proof of the new address.

This is the way Homeshop18 is fooling the customers when they are not in a position to deliver the product or they have any sorts of personal problem. My question is since I had intimated about the defect of the product on 19/09/2015 itself they could have retained a fresh and good set for me instead of selling the total stock. Secondly earlier they had despatch several times to my locality/area pincode. Even on 28/09/2015 also I had received another parcel from Homeshop itself in my own address vide order no. 977569497 which I had ordered on 25/09/2015 in the evening. It seems they are very good for receiving the order and processing it without delaying even a second. Their difficulty arises while replacing and during providing additional services that which occurs at their ends. Moreover they should have quality control/check before despatching a consignment.

Another question arises that if they are unable to provide they service to my area then why they had accepted the order and if they had the service on 16/09/2015 then why they had withdrawn the service now. On the other hand the matter of service is related to that particular product only where the matter of defect aroused. This is evident from my later order and now also their executives are enquireing me if I wnat the same product.

So, from the entire scenario it becomes very transparent that the customers should always be the victim. The service providers / vendors are always having an upper hand. They can make policies where the customers have no right to ask for or demand any sorts of compensations for the harrashment caused by the service provider or vendors. Request you to please look into the matter.

Diganta Bhattacharjya
Avantika, Azara, Udayan, Guwahati 781017, Assam
Email: diga01_arya]@rediffmail.com / 30/09/2015 / 9:56 am

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