Yesterday I had a confirmed ticket from Lucknow to Mumbai in Indigo flight no. 6E 339 which was scheduled to take off at 1220 Hrs. but in the morning received an automated call from Indigo informing that the flight would leave at 1300 Hrs. instead of 1220 Hrs.

I checked in through web and reached Lucknow airport at 1145 Hrs. and got hardcopy of my boarding pass from Indigo counter.
In the boarding pass it was printed that flight would depart at 1300 Hrs. and boarding would start at 1215 Hrs. from gate number 3.

As I had done the security check also I went on the first floor and sat at the front of gate number 5 as there was a monitor.
I kept an eye on the monitor but even around 1225 the status displayed still was ‘delayed’ and departure time was being displayed at 1300 Hrs. Around 1236 Hrs. I saw the status as ‘Now Boarding’. I straightaway came down and went to gate number 3 at 1243 but the staff there Ms.Rxxxxxxi very rudely said that the flight had already gone!

When I demanded an explanation they said that they were not allowed to make phone calls and they announced my name twice which is a total lie. Had they announced my name I would have responded.
That employee Rxxxxxi of Indigo arrogantly took my boarding pass and took me out of the inner (security check area) area and while she was entering details from the boarding pass in the register the CISF lady told in a hushed up tone that the Indigo staff had failed to make announcement at an earlier occasion also resulting in inconvenience to a passenger.

Then that Indigo staff took me to a senior called Sxxxxi and later on another senior Mr.Rxxxxxxi but none of them sorted out the problem instead they started asking me to pay somewhere between 4500 to 5000 to get accommodated in another flight to Mumbai via Delhi.

They told me that they changed the status from ‘Delayed’ to ‘Now Boarding’ at 1226 Hrs. and deleted the status at 1242 Hrs.
I had an appointment with a doctor at Wockhart Hospital in Mira Road at 1700 Hrs. but I couldn’t reach there also and finally around 1415 Hrs. I left the Airport and had to purchase another ticket to Mumbai for 30th. October 2016 departure scheduled at morning 06.20 Hrs. that too via Delhi.

They deducted full amount on my ticket because they showed my status as ‘No Show’ ! Only INR 601 (six hundred one) refund was initiated by Indigo !

When a passenger checks in and boarding pass is issued /printed / stamped and the seat allotted the development/status is recorded in the system i.e. the computer and the staff at the boarding point gate knows about the checked in passengers/flyers then how come they showed me as ‘No Show’?

When the departure time was 1300 Hrs. why did the flight leave 15 minutes earlier and if they wanted to cover up the delay from earlier sector they should have informed me, the checked in flier.
I have written mails to Prime Minister, DG Civil Aviation, Corporate Office Indigo, Appellate Authority Indigo and Nodal Officer Indigo.

Hope my hard earned money is returned and such goof up is not done in the future.

Maneesh Pandey
Mira Road-Thane 401107, Maharashtra
Email: / 29/10/2016 / 7:07 am

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