I wish to bring to your notice how Vodafone is levying heavy unbilled charges which is ethically not right.

I am using their postpaid number 9xxxxxxx5 exclusively for gprs for more than 2 years. Everything in billing works fine if we subscribe to unlimited data plans. However, if we go in for limited data plans they treat our billing pathetically.

My billing cycle falls on 25th of every month. From march 25th,  my plan was changed from data unlimited to data limited plan as Rs 450 for 2 gb usage in 3g and if i cross it i ll be charged as 40p per 10kb. I used it for about 1 gb and checked my unbilled stood at Rs 4000. I called up their customer service and they said that in limited plans the unbilled is charged but what i ll get in my printed bill will be just Rs 450 plus taxes. My assigned credit limit for usage is Rs 9000. Once i finished using 2 gb i called up and added an add on of another Rs 450 for 2gb. I have just used 3 gb till date and my unbilled has crossed Rs 12000!!

Now i wouldn’t be bothered as i know that in the bill i ll get to pay only Rs 450 rental plus Rs 450 add on. However, i realised that unlimited plan was better and after calling and consulting with their customer care i changed my plan to unlimited data with fair usage of 8gb for Rs 950. So maximum my bill should have 3 components . Rs 450 rental Rs 450 addon and Rs 950 rental.

The shock of my life came when after changing my plan back to unlimited Vodafone blocked my services saying that my usage is more than my credit limit of Rs 9000.  This decision was made because my unbilled was showing as Rs 12000!! When i called them and explained in detail, they say that’s how their unbilled is calculated and that i should pay interim payment of Rs 3000 to resume services. Vodafone is asking me to make payment knowing very well that it is their internal billing problem.

My efforts to reach their nodal officer proved futile. No response for my calls and emails.

Through your forum i am seeking justice from Vodafone. How can they ask me to make interim payment and sit on my cash till my bill date of 25th April!!. And the worst part is my data is blocked and i ll be charged full rental for my unlimited 8gb plan and u can’t use even a single mb!!

If this is how they accumulate cash for unbilled usage from other so many customers, isn’t it amounting to illegality?

Neeraj Singh
Mugappair west, chennai 600037, Tamil Nadu
Email: neeraj2080@yahoo.co.in / 11/04/2015 / 9:34 pm

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