Intelligic Solutions Recruitment fraud Malad W

I got sms on 20-11-2018 for samsung recruitment for back office. Salary shown 30000/- . As i was in need job i went there office on 21-11-18. They convinced me for other company job instead of samsung . They said i will have to give telephonic round interview and i wl have to pay 2000/- to generate reference code. Without wgich nothing can proceed further. If i get selected in interview round they will provide me an offer letter or else they wl return my money immediately at a spot.
They took me in one small cabin and connected me to some hr person. Within 1min i got selected. They called me on 23-11-2018 along my adhar pan marksheet photo for collecting offer letter.
I again went there malad office on 23-11-2018 where i had been given one reference letter and forced to attend training and they said to carry additional 1000/- rupees. Which i refused to pay. As it was not been told me before. Then they said they will adjust this money from my registration fees. Training time was 3pm to 6 pm. They called me at 4.30pm . The reason they said if i go early 3pm they will ask for money at training venue at elephistone road.
By the time i reach training was completed. They took my 1min interview and briefed about my job profile and they said joining is from.5-12-2018 and they will send offer letter by phone or mail. They took my receipt back along with reference letter. Now i do not have payment receipt but only my generated reference code. Till 5-12-2018 i didnot received any letter or call frim recruiter,i again went there office for my money back. Till the time i had been traped in their net. Now they showed me my joining date is 10-12-2018. I was frusted with their treatment. I asked for money back, they refused to give money and tried to fixed me in unmatch other job profile without knowning my exact job profile. Till from 20-11-2018 they are just trying to hang me here and there. They are not bother to calling back. Not replying properly. Blaiming on me i am not joining.
I am writing this because let the people know that such frauds are snatching lot of money from many candidate.
I am taking time to write this to make people aware about such frauds. Its not about 1000/- 2000/- rupees but to make people aware that if such happens with me ,you, he ,she.. How much they will make for example if they fraud with me for rs 2000/- and 50other people like you and me , they will make 1,00,000/- , you can imagine its a big fraud happening around us everyday. No one is doing nothing. What is police role in it?, think..!! Any court is available for such cases ..? Can normal genuine people can get justice?

I need 2000/- my money back with all my additional losses. (travelling their office, call charges , mental stress going behind them)

i request you all to come forward together make unity and we can fight against such frauds.

If you agree than please share this.

Dont waste your precious time and money behind such fraud people.

Recruiter name – Intellgic solutions Intelligic recruitments Malad west

Sakshi Jo
mira bhayandar 401107, Maharashtra


    • Sarit Bid on 23/03/2019 at 7:13 pm

    Hello ,

    I am also Facing the same problem. ……..

    I request to take Strict action on them.

    Jai Hind

    • ICF on 23/03/2019 at 7:45 pm

    Don’t submit your complaint in the comment box. We have provided separate link for submitting complaint. Please submit complaint at

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