I had frequently asking gtpl for my internet connection which is not working They are telling the problem will be resolved shortly. My I’d is. I am consumer of Gtpl net providing company. Though frequently asking for services they are not providing it. Please do need full and sugeest what is the legal procedure for it. I am paying for which I had not delivered but though I not getting the internet connection.

Apurva Dalwadi
E 502 samapd prime, Gandhinagar 382421, Gujarat
Email: apurvasoil06[@gmail.com / 04/09/2015 / 9:46 pm

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  1. Actually this complaint should be for 2 parties rather than 1.Its ActCorp for the terrible internet and more terrible customer service and the other party is the builder of Manjeera Majestic Homes (Manjeera developers) who have an under table tie up with ActCorp by virtue of which no other providers are permitted to provide their services in this building thereby establishing the monopoly of ActCorp as we, the residents have no other option and ActCorp is exploiting this to the fullest.

    To give a backdrop I am their existing broadband subscriber (A/C No: 576319) & most of the times, the internet service is down. If I try and reach customer care, their no (only one landline no though) will be kept as ‘engaged’ throughout the day and we’d get it only after 11:30 PM when their working hours are over and we listen to an automated message. If I try to log complaint through their website, then they’d create a SR but no one would follow up or call for the SR and one fine day ,it’ll be suddenly closed. I have their technician’s no also, but whenever there’s a fault in the area and internet is not available he’ll keep his phone switched off. Even they’ll not send any sms on time (the sms is send after a day or so and then within hrs of sending the unavailability sms, they’ll send a sms that issue is resolved, regardless of whether its truly resolved or not).

    But when it comes to bills they’ll take advance payment and if you are late in your payment they’ll disconnect the services.And after you pay, there’s interruption in their services for so many hrs/days but they never compensate on same.

    Added to it their fair usage policy is a farce. Recently they are advertising that at the price of 5Mbps we get 10Mbps and so on.But in reality the speed has decreased. Most likely because they keep on adding new customers without increasing the bandwidth or revamping the infrastructure and the increase in speed ad is just an eye wash.As customers we don’t want anything free but you please give us what we have paid for and if you are faltering in your services then you should give prior intimation and compensation for the loss.

    In an era where we are heavily dependent on Internet for most of our services, its now an utility to us. And how come you deprive your customers of the service for days whereas in reality it should be resolved in few hrs.If there’s a server going down, you should have proper backups.

    When it comes to extracting money from customers you are on the forefront but when it comes to delivering services you are a backbencher. Its high time we should have laws to punish such perpetrators.Also do you realize how much of damage you do to us? Yesterday I had an urgent call at 11:30 PM and when I came home at around 7PM there was no internet.I tried calling your cust care and technician only to be more frustrated and disappointed.Then I took up a 3G data plan in my mobile but when you use your mobile as a hotspot the speed becomes low and so I could not connect to the call and that has turnished my impression in front of my clients who are foreigners.I tried in vain till 3AM, hoping services will be restored.Again in the morning I tried calling the cust care and technician no and though I thought to work from home as my daughter was ill, I was forced to go to office as otherwise I’d lose my job, thanks to ActCorp.And I was not sure whether going home I’d see the issue getting resolved so I stayed back and worked late in office to finish all my work.This is the height of harassing customers.

  2. Is this problem resolved? How is the internet connection now? Is any other player allowed inside Manjeera majestic homes now?

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