I am a subscriber to Reliance Internet service. In the month of June on 25th I get call from reliance customer care stating they are shutting down the CDMA services so shift to 4G and buy the new device before 1st July. If I fail to do so my services will stop. Thinking my service will stop I ran to the store to buy the new device which costed me 900 /- Rs. They had started mailing me saying that on migration to 4G the plans will remain same and benefits of 40 GB which was my existing plan would also remain same. Over the call I was also promised a 25 % discount over my bill and 10 GB extra benefit for a month. As per their request I bought the new 4G device on 26th June and registered for 4G. But post that for the whole month of July I did not get any CDMA service properly neither did I get 4G service. For the full month I could not use internet and not more that 700 MB out of limit of 40GB. On 5th Aug I get my bill with full amount of 1100 /- even though I had hardly used the service. they had Promised me that 4G will start within a week from migration request.

On Aug 7th the 4G service finally starts, but again what I see is my exisiting plans has been changed from 40 GB to 5GB. After enquiry to the customer care they said they will not provide the benefits of 40 GB as it’s new 4G plan of 5GB. I asked then why they had promised me over mails and calls that my plan will remain same as existing. They said it’s the company’s new policy that they are not giving any discounts or any existing benefits.
Along with me there are thousands of such customers to whom they had promised the existing plans and now are backing off. I’ve attached the mail proof sent by them to be.

The company has neither informed me about any such changes that were supposed to do before migration and even after migration. I get the mail only after 5 days of change in plan without informing me about it. And my plan keeps on changing every 3 days to 5GB and 40 GB sometimes both.

The customer care are very rude in talking and are not listening to any of the complaints. I’ve already mailed them twice for deactivation in case if they are not providing me the existing benefits as promised to me earlier.

Parth Kalra
ARR Nagar, Bangalore 560098, Karnataka
Email: pxxxxxxxxxa@gmail.com / 15/08/2016 / 11:12 am

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