Issues with Axis Bank regarding credit card repayments

As my husband is into business and whatever money we saved I deposited in my account i.e. 1lakh after seeing that amount axis bank credit card team called me that I am eligible for 1lakh card and after several calls I accepted to take card and am the first time user and I was not explained the terms and conditions. I had taken the card and after a month I started using that I continued to use further and slowly the limit got finished and there was no reminder for me regarding payments and interest rates of due. so Further while using I lost my job and had no income for 3 months so that was the main difficulty I faced here. further as the bank people called me for payment I told I can pay after 10 ten days some amount but anyhow I failed to pay as my situation was not good. after 2months the agency guys started calling me and harnessing for my parents I started my job and paid 5000 1st month and everymonth 5000 then started paying 10000 per month and paid 4 months 10000 and now I totally paid 40000 like that and now they told that whatever you paid went on to interest now pay minimum 37000 and remaining 70000 pay as emi for 7000 so as a 16000 earnings how would I pay 7000 to them and my house rent monthly house holds ? My husband had a loss in business too and he doesn’t get amount regularly.

I requested bank that I can pay my dues in emi of 5000 but still they refused i was continously called by agents and was tortured by them and even my parents faced lot of trouble from them. when the customer is willing to pay certain amount monthly why does the bank tortures like this. And now for not paying my dues on time already my cibil score is negative I tried for loans but I was refused. for a common man Paying that amount in large is so difficult. but banks never think about their customer queries. these cibil score and stupid banks are real risk for ones life. After 4months regular paying 10000 this month I could not pay as I had emergency expenses and the agency paid my amount of 9333 to bank without asking me and now torturing me to pay back to them as I am totally exhausted with my money how could they expect me to pay and this one trick to get money from customers banks and agencies play with customers life like this .now for. Where I should get money to pay them. I am mentally sick of all these.

Komali Medisetty
Dilshuknagar, Hyderabad 500036, Andhra Pradesh
Email: mkomalinaidu] / 27/09/2015 / 12:33 pm

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