Issues with Syska for insurance claim on Sony phone

I purchased my phone from sony and my son went to buy a insurance for that phone the phone bill was on my name and when my son purchased the insurance the sales man of syska dint even asked for the id card whose name is there on the bill and he just asked the details of my son and filled in their system of syska. when my son asked that bill is on my dads name and you are taking my detials no problem will arrive?? he said no problem will arrive. now when my phone is water damaged and i loged the complaint after one and half month of giving my phone to them they are saying the name in our system does not match to the name on phone bill and now from last two weeks they are just saying that wait for two days ypur peoblem will be solved this is true harrasment to the customer and totally a fraud with customer.

Sushil Saxena
Opposite kamgar nagar, satpur, Nasik 422007, Maharashtra
Email: sushilsaxena.1029] / 22/09/2015 / 2:08 pm

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