I had ordered for a PUMA branded XXL blue Tshirt online on Jabong.com on 17th June 2015 with order number 150617835994563 . The expected time for delivery was mentioned to be 23rd June, 2015 tuesday. I got a message almost 2-3 times saying that the item has already reached the warehouse near me but the delivery is delayed as it was raining heavily in Mumbai. I understood their issue and I was out of town when I received a message stating that they have delivered the tshirt. And I received the invoice of the bill to my mail id and I also received a message. I had done the payment online while purchasing. I came back home on 26th june and came to know that my t shirt was not delivered. I checked with myneighbours also who said nothing was delivered. I mailed jabong team and explained the issue. They called me up but couldnt speak as the network was low. They mailed me reg they tried reaching me. I called their customer support on 29th and spoke to their executive who said they’d get back to me within 48 hours with a solution. I waited. I wrote to them again on 30th mid night. I called them after 48 hours today to check on the status and I was surprised no action was initiated. The action was initiated today after I spoke to them again reg the problem. I got a call from the customer service officer who again asked for an uncertain time period to look into the issue. After the whole episode I now get a message from the courier partners of Jabong that there was an error and the item would be delivered shortly. Such are the practices of these firms. I was lured by this site as the price was 200-250 rupees less than other e commerce sites. But I have paid a tax of 37.5 which is mentioned towards the end of buying procedure. I wasted my time following up and I wasted lots of money to call up their call centres. And now the t shirt cost me the same as it was on the other e commerce site. Moreover they would have delivered it on time and without hassles.

Aaditya SK
Jagannath buildings, Fanaswadi, Seetaram Potdar Marg, Mumbai 400002, Maharashtra
Email: aaditya.sk@gmail.com / 01/07/2015 / 4:07 pm

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