This is for the baby stroller which was damaged by Jet airways.
My and Son travelled from Pune to Edinburgh 11- Jan -2016.

Initially they misplaced the stroller in Transit from Pune to Mumbai and my wife waited to the stroller in Mumbai airport she registered the complain then and there for the missing stroller , complain reference no :BOM9W82804/11JAN/1415GMT.

She didn’t received the stroller at mumbai airport which she was expecting, she almost missed her flight from Mumbai to Edinburgh in search of Stroller and registering the complain. She was being told at mumbai that the stroller will be searched and will be delivered to the address.

She also faced a lot of trouble for the connecting flight from Abu dhabi where she has to wait almost for 3 hours carrying baby and luggage.

We recieved the stroller on 15 Jan at our address in Edinburgh and it was broken its rate wheel was broken, foot rest was missing and storage box was broken.

I have clicked the images of the stroller at the same time and replied back to Jet Airways with the thier delivery tag still intact, they raplied to me that they cant help me out with that , it was thier responsibility to deliver the stroller safely to me.
First of all they missed the stroller due to which my wife faced a lot of trouble at mumbai and Abu dhabi and now when they delivered it was broken and now of no use to me, i have to purchase a another baby stroller here which cost more than 100 pound. now they are saying they have nothing to do with it. I have put in numerous mail with photographs of broken stroller when received, but of no use it has been almost 4 months now and still struggling to get satisfactory resolution of query. Please help.

Pranjul Jhudele
Pune 411060, Maharashtra
Email: / 16/04/2016 / 3:21 pm

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