JIO SIM deactivated and number sold to another user

This is a about my how chaotic and irresponsible experience with jio services. What has happened with me is not just monetary loss but also mockery of trust and a breach of their own service policy which says connection will get terminated only 90 days after last pack expires.

I have been a user of JIO, sim was working fine till mid September, and suddenly it has stopped working. Probably pack got expired as i has last recharged sometime in July. I didn’t had any urgency to recharge it again since i already had my airtel sim for primary usage.

On october 19th, 22:50 PM, i decided to recharge my jio sim with the new jio pack of Rs 459 for 84 days, recharge was successful, my sim was still not working though, i decided to give call to the number to check whats happening and i was shocked on finding the truth, owner of my jio number was now someone else in karnataka. the guy picked the call and informed me that he bought the number from a jio store on 9th of October. So I have lost my number and money both.

On following up multiple times on customer care on call the net result was ‘customer has asked for sim cancellation via call hence the connection was cancelled’, same thing they confirmed on email. Since the sim was not working how could i even make that request, i just fail to understand and also they refuse to share cancellation details like who called, when was the call made, how did they verified the user, this is just a shame. Now these executives are saying that they can’t do anything neither on details on how connection cancellation happened or on refunding the money due to jio’s problem. This is a big shame and raises security concern’s about jio and also reflect on bad customer experience.

Looking for help here, I am open to going legal against jio. i have proof that i was the previous owner of the number and never made call to jio asking for my number to be deactivated. Let me know if anyone can help here.

Amol Sharma
Bengaluru 560102, Karnataka

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