This is Jyotirmoy karmakar from kolkata, an employee of Cognizant Technology Solution. I had lost rupees  27558 on Urgent Vacancy as they fraud me. Details are given below.

1. Company Name:Urgent Vacancy
2. Website
3. On october 7,2014 i had paid 2360 at their CV blast   section. But due to some fniancial problem i had claimed for refund of rupees 2360 on the same day.
4. Their people called me on 29th october 2014 and told that if i want to get my money back i have to order again for another item instructed by them and it will not debit any amount from my account as their people suppossed to block their payment gateway, so it will automatically credited to my bank account.
5. But amount of rupees 5730 had been debited from my account. When i told them about debiting they told me to do the same process again becuase as per them there was some issue on my card.Again rupess 5730 was debited and they they change the amount and this time 6854 ruppes was debited.
6. Instead of getting 2360 rupees credited to my account total of Ruppes 18314 had been debited from my account.
7. They told sorry and assured me that on the next day i will have my money back on my account.
8. On the next day(30 october 2014) they called me and told me to do the same process and i was so disappointed i agreed to do the same. But in vain again rupees of 6854 had been debited from my account.
9. After a long argument they told me that i dont i have to go through the process and asked about ny bank account number and IFSC Code as they will transfer me the total amount of rupees 27558(2360+5730+5730+6854+6854) and it will take 21 days.
10. But 21 days over and i didnt get my money back and no call from their end.
11. Then on december one of their senior member called me and asked me is there any proof that i had lost 27558 rupees from their payment gateway?
12. Yes i have my bank statemnt where it was clearly mention that the rupees of 27558 was debited from my account by urgent vacancy payment gateway by avobe mentioned way.
13. I had send them scan copy of my bank statement and they agreed to pay me back.
14. But after few days the phone number was switched off and their website is saying that they will no more entertain any customer.
15. It is totally a fraud case and  now i am helpless.Please help me to get money back.
16. The phone number was 08510870055 and the two people i had talked with was Sxxxv and Axxxxi.
17. Even they didnt give me reply of my mail.
18. The first prodect i bought from them with reference no-UV_59464_UP1.
19. Here i am attaching my bank statement where i had marked the transaction of Urgent vacancy.

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