On getting information from a friend of mine about Eco Crystal Water purifier, I purchased it and got it installed on the 29th of October 2015 to get the TDS lowered as our old Aqua Guard system does not have RO in it. While purchasing, Mr. Rxxy promised to send a pH meter along with TDS meter to ensure output water quality. Payment was made in good faith. On contacting thereafter everyday and stating about stomach problems the family has been facing, technician attended a month later on 25th of Nov. The pH meter showed 6.1, so Mr. Rxxxy’s office immediately added a mineral cartridge to balance the acidic water. On 30th Nov technicial tested and the pH showed above 10. The product is completely unable to maintain a healthy pH range between 6.6 and 7.8. This was also discussed with Mr. Mxxxxxi Pxxxxxd. Then another technician came on the 5th Dec to fix pH and wasted 2 hours doing useless piping modifications and decided the problem will be fixed at a later attempt. Because of these changes, the pink faucet that flows through the UV system (bypassing RO) started flowing water as if there was no system attached, irrespective of power supply being on or off. That means the water coming out wasn’t bacteria free and unusable.

Logically the solenoid valve won’t allow water to flow without power on. When I complained, Mr. DK Bxxxxxxxxxxxxxa told me to pick up a copy of The Hindu and explained how sad the lack of government control over the water conditions is. I’ve send them repeated mails and they have not solved my problem, and we do not have safe drinking water.

Swapan Mukherjee
Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700091, West Bengal
Email: sxxxxxxxxxxx3@gmail.com / 23/12/2015 / 6:35 am

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