Leakage in Rear Shock Absorbers of Toyota Etios

I had to incur a cost of Rs 4441 to replace the rear shock absorbers of my Toyota Etios after running a total distance of mere 42000kms on National Highway and city roads in Kerala. An issue regarding the rear shock absorbers were reported within 1 year from the date of purchase which was rectified temporarily and was told that incase of further issues the same would be replaced free of cost. But unfortunately as the issue recurred after covering a mere distance of 42000kms after the warranty period I was compelled to pay for the replaced part. Without a manufacturing defect the shock absorbers of a car used on city roads wont develop any kind of leakage after running only 42000 kms. I had lodged complaints multiple number of times but was disposed as there was no proper response from the company and has adviced me to move the forum for a resolution.I have not received a call or a mail from any senior official of TKM even after sending multiple mail complaints . Request your kind intervention for due justice as unless there was a manufacturing defect the rear shock absorbers of a car costing Rs 8 lacs would not develop any leakage after driving on NH and city roads in Kerala. Regn No – KL07BV3310

KPAC JN, KAYAMKULAM 690502, Kerala
Email: rxxxxxxxxxxxx0@gmail.com

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