I bought a new Tab-3 on 27th July, 2015 and reaches service centre on August 8, 2015 and what happens.

I received back my tap on Sept 3, 2015 and feel experienced like below.

Lenovo Authorized service centre don’t have even recovery drive with them they waited for a case of my Lenovo Mix Tab-III make a recovery drive from that unit and boot my unit this is really shameful that you even didn’t provide any support media to nor customer never to your service centre and for the same I have to wait 25 days.

My Memory card held by your service centre were given by hand to me and when asked to insert in this tablet they advise me to not do so as the tab was in re-setting mode and this may be corrupted but when reached home and find that card was broken and when complaint to them they simply denied their responsibility.  As per my knowledge and belief no company protocol allow them to keep accessories with them however they do so and willingly cheated upon me and I bear a loss of Rs.2000/- for new card.

My Tab were still not working well I again go and reset in windows 8.1 resetting mode and invested more than 3-4 hours to make it workable. They don’t do anything except making a recovery disk for me and giving back me a sick tablet even not in a condition to check on behalf of excuse of re-setting and under window update process.

My Start button is fully jammed and not working properly and your engineer admitted it personally there but when next day when i again complaint for the same he suggested me to come back and he will make clean the button by opening that tab. what he was doing in last 25 days even when he know about the button jam problem why didn’t he resolve it that time.

I were clearly refused by Shri Axxxxxxh to upgrade to windows 10 update however I am entitle to do so just due to failure of your hardware or lack of software update to sustain this update then what is the use to buy this tablet when i can’t upgrade.

This is totally a bad dream and disaster for me to buy such a cheap, poor service product and is a very dis-satisfied customer and will do whatever legal action is possible against you to come out from this crunches and to save further victims like me.

Sorry I believe and rely on Lenovo which i will never do in future again.

Krishan Kalra
2607 Hudson Lines, Delhi 110009
Email: kgkalra]@gmail.com / 07/09/2015 / 6:49 pm

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