I have Lenovo Vibe x2 purchased from flipkart on 28th feb 2015
If there is someone with deep software knowledge bout android phones plz help me.

I rooted my mobile first time in my life and i was really nervous while rooting it. I thought i would get bricked but all goes well. But one day when i thought to update my phone… update was going well but on 98% it stoped and goes in recovery mode. Since then my mobile is not more then a TIN BOX. Plz someone help me how to fix this or if someone knows who can fix this in Delhi.

I have sent my mobile to repair shop in Delhi, but they was unablee to fix that and they also told be that they have also sent it to Lenovo service centre but they was also unable to fix that problem
Note:- With the help of Lucky pather i shifted gamekiller to SD card. Told u if this may relate to the problem.

Plz help me guys im really frustrated and broken by this problem

Abdul Khan
Nangloi, New Delhi 110041
Email: vxxxxxxxxxxxxx7@gmail.com / 05/06/2016 / 2:28 am

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