I bought LG LED TV  for 319990 in 09.08.2011 from E Zone and the panel is gone faulty. Its not even 3 years. The cost of the panel is Rs. 10000 to Rs. 13000.  Why do i have to spend a fortune on a Tv which is already expensive. I have bought this TV with my hard earned money and know it has gone faulty i am feeling cheated by LG. I also had called LG toll free number 18001809999. the executive gave me 2 mobile numbers one is not working and other one is not answering the call since last 8 days i must have called more than 50 times. no one at LG is bothered to resolve the problem.  The life of a LED TV panel is certainly more than 4 Years , how come it has gone faulty. had been a small part i could have got it repaired with my expense. but this panel is costing a fortune. I want that LG should get this issue rectified for me.

Santosh Thorat
404 Vijaydeep CHS Navroji Rd Colaba Mumbai 400005, Maharashtra
Email: santoshthorat@hotmail.com / 27/03/2015 / 2:34 am

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