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Lost or stolen article and forgery of signature by DHL

My mother used DHL to send to me in the UK a package containing some clothing items, children’s toys, dry food and sweets. I must add that the food items were accepted by DHL as substances that are allowed to be brought into the UK. My mother had to sign a standard declaration form indicating the contents, valuation and weight of the package.

However, upon arrival I noticed that the original package and its contents appeared to have been tampered with and there was no evidence of any food items. Furthermore, inside it there was a declaration form stating only the clothing items and toys to be the contents of the package, while the signature on the document was clearly forged.

The latter issue has shocked me much more than the material loss because not only does it translate as a brazen lapse of faith entrusted to DHL and a breach of security implied in the contract between the customer and DHL, but also it points at the great risk and vulnerability of the customer in the hands of DHL, whose forgery of the customer’s signature could easily be used for much more nefarious activities than what our family had to thankfully endure.

I wish to sue DHL for the cost of the lost or stolen property as well as appropriate damages for this blatant forgery in addition to demanding for an unconditional apology.

Could you please advise my course of action?

Shuvo Roy
83 Potterhill Gardens, Perth, United Kingdom, PH2 7ED
Email: shuvo_r2003@yahoo.com
Contact No.: 00447898281643
IP: / 13/03/2015 / 1:29 am

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