I have ordered for 2 products via Everstylish.com. When I got the product today, it was totally different from what I have ordered. The quality was so poor as I am 100% sure that they are displaying the pictures after a lot of photoshop. Hence, many people are getting fooled. I called their customer care and told to refund the amount. They said I need to courier it back (for which I wont get my courier charges), then they will add the product amount to Everstylish account and not to my bank account. This is really a worse service and its like they are forcing me to buy another product from their website again for that amount, for which I dont trust them. Hence, please take some action to get my money of 578 rs refunded back to my bank account and some action so that the company does not sell low quality products and fool people. Also, when I asked them why they are photoshopping pictures in the website, they told me that they have a studio for them. This is the first time I am cheated via online shopping. Before buying the product, I asked them their return policy and they told that they will refund the amount + double the courier charges to my bank account. And now they told me that they cant do that as they had changed their policy all of a sudden. Their customer care number is marked as spam by 24 people in Truecaller app. Please see the attachment to see the product I received. You can see the original ornament they offered in the link below:

Jaya Issac
No 17 Thiruvalluvar street, Chennai 600059, Tamil Nadu
Email: mareenaisnow[@]gmail.com / 23/06/2015 / 3:50 am

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