Luggage tagged fragile is damaged by Air Asia

Dear Sir/Madam, I took a flight from Bangalore to Jaipur in the Air Asia Airlines. I had to transport a Microwave oven between the cities. I have called the Air Asia customer support a number of times even before the travel to ask the feasibility of the microwave being carried in check-in luggage after marking as fragile. The customer care people said that there is no problem to transport any luggage. They ensured to give a great deal of importance and efficient handling of the luggage and never mentioned any form of packing requirement or anything of the sort. Eben at the check-in counter the lady handling the check-in counter ensured utmost care given to the checking luggage and special care was ensured as the baggage was marked fragile. So taking the words of the Air Asia staff, I have decided to go ahead with the transport of the luggage from Bangalore to Jaipur in the check-in luggage marked fragile. I even paid an amount of 1600 INR for the transfer of the luggage.
But unfortunately when the luggage was received in Jaipur airport, the bag in which the microwave was packed was damaged and the microwave inside was broken. The glass of the microwave is broken completely. This is the handling of the luggage after having marked fragile and after paying 1600 INR. It was expected of the Airlines to say upfront if they do not have the confidence to properly handle the product. I was assured a number of times about their efficiency and the result I got from all their assurance is a broke product delivered (despite the protective packing I did). Such damage can only be done by mishandling, and mishandling of a customer product after marking fragile is not what is expected.
The minimum the airlines can do for the damage caused is admit the mishandling and give me some compensation for the loss incurred. But the airlines is totally refusing to accept that and have said that it is not their liability. But from all I understand is that it is totally their fault because the item was not just checked-in, it was checked-in and marked fragile.
Requesting your help to get my well deserved compensation for the product that was damaged due to the mishandling of the product by the airlines. Please write to me for any further questions.
Looking forward to hear from you and suggesting ways to approach the matter.

Vipul Chandak
Pali 306101, Rajasthan

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