I am visiting india from Canada after a very long period of time. My group came up with the idea of visiting July manali and decided to choose the most reputed travel agency in india known as makemytrip.com.

I had personally made a prepayment of 17,800rs and was confirmed the reservation by the organization. However to our fear and disappointment upon our arrival to the hotel we were informed that out reservation did not exist, at 10:30pm in unfamiliar territories we were stranded.

The company kept us on hold for hours altogether, there mere middling staff did not have a solution until 2am when they had offered us a different hotel with upgrades such as free lunch/dinner and an improved room. To our Horror that hotel was nothing more than mediocre, highly unsafe to have been dwelling with females.

Our final decision wAs to cancel the booking and ask for a refund. On the 4th of June at 3am we were told that the refund would be initiated in 24 hours. On the 9th of June I decided to search for answers I was told that the refund process wasn’t initiated yet. Upon numerous emails and phone cAlls I was told I would be provided with a refund and also issued reimbursements I had acquired during my stay in manali for all the hassles my group faced in manali due to incompetence of the company. We wasted 6 hours at the hotel lobby due to which we had a wasted next day taking away most of our vacation time.

The representative I was dealing with would not take calls after I had presented them with legitimate receipts of the hotel and restaurants, I then decided to email Toronto to see if it made a difference to them. I was eventually contacted by the company but to my major disappointment I was told that they will not issue any sort of reimbursement after going to days and weeks of hassles by this highly reputed company.

I am looking for a reimbursement of RS 15000 which I personally feel is rather justified. I have got in touch with a local lawyer and he has suggested I lodge a complaint here to see if they would like to resolve matters before I take the company to court.

It is rather unfortunate that Canadians are being hackled this way by such companies. I might be a average person but I certainly know how to make my voice count and will definitely take all necessary measures and precautions to get justice.

Faraz Khan
2221 Stonehenge crescent, Ottawa K1b4n7
Email: faraz_ali_khan[@hotmail.com / 16/07/2015 / 12:55 pm

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  1. Dear Faraz_kh

    We are sorry to read about the issue. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

    In reference to your complaint, we have found that our concerned department is handling this case. Please be assured that post validating your concern they shall take this matter to closure on priority.

    Assuring you best of our services.

    Team-MakeMyTrip care

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