I booked Meru cab for my sister for 7.25 am pickup, but the driver only reached by 7.45 am and she boarded the cab at 7.55 am. As soon as she sat, the driver accused her of being late for 35 mins. She let it go and asked him to begin the trip.

Upon reaching the destination at 9.45 am, she was told that the paytm wallet, that was the mode of payment, has lesser balance.

My sister immediately called me and quickly logged into meru app and recharged paytm wallet. I recharged Rs. 500 twice, so the balance now was Rs. 1138, and the bill amount was 529.05.

When my sister told him that there is now amount in the account and he can deduct it he continued to say no. Looked like he missed something on his app and had no idea what he should do to retry the payment.

So to be safe he kept saying that the wallet does not have enough money. My sister first called the customer care and she was told that the paytm wallet does not have any balance. Whereas I could see Rs.1138 on my wallet on the meru app.

The driver was not at all ready to cooperate, infact he was not even willing to speak and kept saying that he only speaks tamil and not english. and we don’t speak tamil.

This went on from 9.45 am to 10.10 am. That is when I called the customer care of Meru. The first guy I spoke to told me that he does not have the option to check paytm balance in my meru account and confirm it to the driver. he can only do something the payment has been deducted – clearly, he hadn’t understood my situation, before I could say more he disconnected the call.

Now I called them again as any consumer would, this guys said the exact words as the previous guy. I told him ‘ do you even understand my situation, my sister does not have cash to pay, that is why we are making payment online, there is money on wallet I see it. Just hold on I will connect you with driver so that you can talk to him’ the guy then put on hold, I was filled with hope that some thing could workout. But the guy came to me and said something I never anticipated. He said ” call paytm customer care” – can you believe it?

Now this was it, I lost my stir, I told why would I call paytm when I am using your service, it’s your payment merchant, you call them. I had by now begun using abusive words as I was obviously furious. The guy at this point asked me to be “professional” – phew! …. I told him it’s not I who should be professional, it’s them, they are in my face denying me help even after I told them that I am cashless and I know nobody.

My sister ultimately had to borrow money from a man who was an escort of the company she was visiting – Imagine the embarassment.

My blood boils thinking of the situation my sister was put in. How helpless i felt, in the time where payments can be done in seconds.

The cherry on top was that the driver had charged her waiting charges of 24 minutes.

It’s not the money I paid that I want to claim, it’s the time invested by my sister and me, it is the situation we were left in, stranded middle of the road with no help by the so called “service provider”.

I want this company to be sued.

Afreen Summiya
304 Kaveri Nagar, 4th cross, Bangalore 560032, Karnataka
Email: summiyaaf[@gmail.com / 21/08/2015 / 11:27 am

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