Misguided by Credit Sudhaar Service on false promise of loan

I was approaching different financial institutions for taking over my loan account and I had CIBIL issues too, so the many institutions rejected my application. During those days an executive from Credit Sudhaar Service Pvt Ltd called me and introduced himself as a staff of a privet financing company. I discussed mt entire case with him and he guaranteed me that his company can resolve my issue. He added that his company will sanction me a personal loan of 10 Lakhs with in a week after logging my file in company system to improve my CIBIL Score, Company will send a official letter to my present banker regarding loan takeover and they will assist me in loan take over. Even his superior officer also agreed all these when I meet him in their Bangalore office. Later on he forced me to make a payment of 23875 urgently through bank to company’s account. I did all the payment and waited for all the promises made to me, finally when I called them they talked about buying gold, using credit cards and clearing my credit cards debts and loan through my cash and added that that’s how they assist people in clearing CIBIL score. I was really surprised, How can a person who is facing a debt recovery procedures from bank due to less income can do all these things? Finally when I asked them regarding the promises made to me at the beginning they told that “Company wont provide personal loan for people residing in places other than Bangalore and Mumbai and sending a official letter to my banker is not a part of their service they added that assistance in loan take over is possible only if I clear my CIBIL score”. I was really shocked, I reside in Kerala and it was known to the executive and his superior. I understood that the company executive and his superior cheated me for their benefits. Immediately I asked them for a refund after deducting any charges if applicable but they told they cant refund, because refunding is not a part of company policy. I lost my money and time, and the company is not even co-operative even after understanding that I was cheated.

Email: ixxxxxxxxxb@gmail.com

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