Yesterday I went to a mobile store of S.H.mumtazuddin group of companies. I asked for a specific phone, but they started to show other phones regardless of my interest, and they tricked me to by their local branded product convincing me that it is google product. They first tried to sell this phone under the brand name of micromax. They made many claims about that mobile which turned out to be false. First I paid aadvance amount of 5000 through debit card. I was inside that store only when I decided and asked to change the mobile of different model, which cost 1000, more than that product, but they refused to do so.

They agreed only if I was ready to pay the extra vat of the previous phone and ready to accept the new phone without testing it.

I faced a real harrasment their, thats why I am posting this complain. The phone is totally in new condition, it will be really great if they replace my phone, with the model I want or give the full cash back.

Achira Pal
Salt lake city, kolkata-700106
Email: / 16/12/2015 / 11:52 am

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